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Simple Ways To Save Money on Your Electric Bill

Here are some simple things to put in to practice that will go far towards saving you on your monthly bill:

  1. Clean out your air vents (heating and cooling) and replace the air filters in all your systems. You’ll save money because they wont have to work as hard to regulate the temperature and you’ll help protect your family from mold and allergens!
  2. Clean the areas behind your major appliances (fridge, washer/dryer, water heater) these devices get dusty just like everything else, but this can interfere with their ability to work effectively, causing them to draw more power to run.
  3. Clear out your winter smart thermostat settings. Come spring, you’ll be opening up your windows a lot more – time to update that thermostat so that you can take advantage of the mellow temps that spring has to offer.
  4. Clean your shades/blinds – then make sure to use them to control the temp in your home instead of reaching for that thermostat.
  5. Check the seal on your fridge door while you’re cleaning it out. If it’s not tight enough, try this DIY fix to keep the cold air inside the fridge where it belongs!


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